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TurtleSkin Duty gloves provide excellent protection from cut and puncture on the palm and up over the fingertips. Excellent dexterity with short break-in-time!


Comfortable and Protective

With a leather palm and a knit back, TurtleSkin Duty Gloves are ultra-comfortable, cut resistant, and up to four times more puncture resistant than traditional law enforcement gloves.

Protects You from Needles and Cuts

The patented TurtleSkin material utilizes a patented tightly woven aramid liner which gives you excellent safety and protection from accidental needle stick, punctures and cuts to the palm side of the hand, fingers, and fingertips. The weaving expertise of Warwick Mills, the manufacturer of TurtleSkin products, provides a liner which is thin enough to allow the user excellent dexterity and tactile sensation. This glove will resist .75 lbs. of pressure form a 28 gauge needle without penetration. TurtleSkin Duty Gloves are the best choice for law enforcement in need of protective gloves for searches and pat downs.

Helps Keeps You Safe from Diseases

Protect yourself from the threat of bloodborne disease that can be transmitted from hypodermic needles and syringes.

  • Sharps-resistant palm and fingertips
  • High-quality leather palm
  • Comfortable, snug-fitting knit backing
  • Gives you great protection and comfort
 ANSI 105 2016 Cut Resistance Level  A4
ANSI 105 2016 Abrasion Level  No
ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 25 gauge  0.8 lbf
ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 28 gauge  0.5 lbf
CE EN388 Abrasion Level 3
CE EN388 Cut Level  3
CE EN388 Tear Level  4
CE EN388 Puncture Level  3


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