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TurtleSkin is a patented aramid fabric, woven in the USA by Warwick Mills Inc. Turtleskin fabric has the world’s tightest weave which means it can be light, breathable and almost impenetrable at the same time.  Turtleskin has many varied uses, from puncture resistant protective clothing to more sophisticated body armour used by law enforcement officers and the military.  Turtleskin fabric is also used in bicycle tyres to prevent puncture and yacht sails to prevent tearing. So diverse are its uses it was even used as part of the NASA’s Mars landing vehicle to protect it on landing on the rough surface of Mars.

Warwick Mills based in New Hampshire USA are renowned as one of the world’s few technical weaving companies, employing 130 staff they have been a family run business since 1870 when WM started weaving denim workwear. WM is committed to new technologies in both fabric and weaving with integrated development and manufacturing capabilities and the capacity to successfully  transfer results of research and development into full-scale production of market leading innovative products for sale worldwide.

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