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TurtleSkin cut resistant sleeve provides advanced cut and needle protection. Woven construction with puncture protection knit sleeves can't match.


TurtleSkin Cut Resistant Sleeve

Double layer cut resistance sleeve with outstanding puncture protection from the wrist to just below the elbow (9 inch).

The Sleeve is constructed of two layers of TurtleSkin puncture and cut-resistant materials.

The inner layer of the protective sleeve is a medium-weight aramid weave that's soft on the skin but tough on needles and sharp edges.

The outer layer is a coated TurtleSkin PalmMaster that is tough enough for the harshest environments.

This combination results in a rugged sleeve that protects you against punctures and cuts while remaining soft, flexible, and comfortable

Compare this tightly woven patented fabric with knit sleeves that have almost no puncture resistance to splinter, the woven provides unique levels of protection. 

Applications for Cut Resistant Sleeve:

  • Waste handling
  • Animal handling.
  • Healthcare laundry
  • Glass handling
  • Metalworking
  • Plywood/veneer handling
  • Paper processing

 EN388 Cut level 5

Priced per sleeve

Glove Protection Coverage Area - No

 ANSI 105 2016 Abrasion Level  L6 (Highest)
ANSI 105 2016 Cut Resistance Level  In Testing
ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 25 gauge  >1.5 lbf
ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 28 gauge  >1.25 lbf
ASTM F1342 Small Nail Puncture Level  High (>100 newtons)
ANSI 105 2016 Large Nail Puncture Level  > 40 lbf
ASTM 1342mod #10 Scalpel Puncture >10 lbf
CE EN388 Abrasion Level  4 (Highest)
CE EN388 Cut Level  5 (Highest)
CE EN388 Puncture Level  4 (Highest)
CE EN388 Tear Level  3


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