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TurtleSkin WaterArmor CoverAll Arm Inserts, priced per pair, for Jacket, sizes small through 2XL. Arm inserts provide protection to the forearm from accidental ultra high pressure water jetting swipes.


The armor panels are carried inside the nylon shell and are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. Suit cleaning and repair of the suit can be done by your local repair service, or you can send it back to us at the factory. This feature keeps your CoverAll suit in top working condition. Designed specifically to prevent injuries caused by accidental

swipes from the extreme cutting power of Ultra High Pressure

Water jetting equipment.

TurtleSkin WaterArmor personal protection equipment has been CE type approved by Centexbel, Montoyerstraat 24, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium (notified body 0493) according to the directive 89/686/ EEC. Certificate number: 00101317. We confirm that each product is identical to the item subject to the type approval.

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