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36"x24" Lightweight textile Industrial Safety Apron with Leg Covers. Best in class Cut level A5. Stops knife cuts & punctures. Wash in chlorine, smooth white surface, FDA materials.


TurtleSkin CP Industrial Safety Apron

This soft comfortable textile Industrial Safety apron has best in class cut level 5 Performance. These aprons use TurtleSkin CP materials and so protect from both cuts and knife punctures. 

This apron is only two plies of textile so it is lightweight and flexible. It does not cause fatigue or discomfort for operators. The Industrial Safety apron is water proof with a smooth non stick surface that stays clean and is easy to wipe down. Seams and edge binding are designed to shed particles, so no trapped materials that can cause contamination.

Compared to other products, TurtleSkin Aprons have a full coverage protective 2 ply construction. We don't just cover the center area, the whole apron is cut level 5+. Make sure you get the protection you need.

For FDA food applications, Aprons can be washed and bleached with chlorine and other food grade antimicrobial wash systems. For ultimate contamination control use with a disposable plastic cover. The white TurtleSkin textile is extremely abrasion resistant and will provide long service. We also recommend the TurtleSkin Limber Apron for Meat Cutting and other high risk applications, as it is HOSDB certified for 80 Newtons of Slash resistance. 

TurtleSkin Industrial Safety Apron is made of our patented materials that offer the best cut and puncture resistance in a soft lightweight garment.

  • ASTM/ISEA 105 Cut Resistance level 5
  • Puncture resistant
  • Smooth white surfaces
  • Washable (compatible with bleach)
  • made of FDA food contact grade materials

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