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30"x24" Soft comfortable all textile industrial safety apron. Best in class Cut level A5. Stops box knife cuts & punctures. Lightweight and easy to wear.


TurtleSkin CP Industrial Safety Apron

This soft comfortable textile industrial safety apron has best in class cut level A5 Performance. Because these aprons use TurtleSkin CP materials, they are also puncture resistant. So these aprons protect from both cuts and box knife punctures. 

Industrial safety apron Applications:

  • Sheet metal handling
  • Recycling
  • Belt sorting
  • Glass handling
  • Machining
  • Press loading
  • Knife Cutout Operations

Because this apron is only 2 plies of textile, it is lightweight and flexible. It does not cause fatigue or discomfort for operators. Industrial Safety Aprons are waterproof but not oil resistant. The smooth non-stick surface stays clean and is easy to wipe down. In very sticky and oily operations, use with a disposable plastic cover. Great fit with your contamination control programs. The white TurtleSkin textile is extremely abrasion resistant and will provide long service. 

Comes with TurtleSkin logo, call factory for special orders aprons with your logo.

TurtleSkin industrial safety apron is made of our patented materials that offer the best cut resistance and puncture resistance in a soft lightweight garment.

  • ASTM/ISEA 105 Cut Resistance level 5
  • Puncture resistant
  • Smooth white surfaces
  • Washable (compatible with bleach)
  • made of FDA food contact grade materials

NSI 105 2016 Abrasion Level L6 (Highest)

ANSI 105 2016 Cut Resistance Level A5

ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 25 gauge >1.0 lbf

ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 28 gauge >0.75 lbf

ASTM F1342 Small Nail Puncture Level Moderate (>60 newtons)

ANSI 105 2016 Large Nail Puncture Level > 20 lbf

ASTM 1342mod #10 Scalpel Puncture >1 lbf

CE EN388 Abrasion Level No

CE EN388 Cut Level No

CE EN388 Puncture Level No

CE EN388 Tear Level No

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