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The TurtleSkin Work Pro is a durable, puncture resistant glove. A great option for leather work gloves as the gloves protect against needles, glass and sharp tools.


Ultimate Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves

When selecting cut and puncture resistant gloves consider TurtleSkin's newest product in the safety line. The CP Work Pro is a classic leather work glove designed to be used for a variety of different applications. These versatile leather work gloves are made from a gunn cut shell and feature TurtleSkin's patented CP (cut and puncture) resistant material. The 1 ply of CP protection covers the palm side of the hands, fingers, and the protection wraps around the fingertips. The durable leather shell makes the CP Work Pro gloves great for rugged work environments with a lot of wear and tear. Since they are lined with TurtleSkin protection the Work Pro gloves will protect the hands of workers against hypodermic needles, broken glass, splinters, sharp tools and other threats that can cause serious injuries. Consider these cut and puncture resistant gloves for applications such as waste/recycling sorting, lumber handling, construction work and many other applications.


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