Insider TS 300 Heat Protection Glove and much more

The Insider TS 300 Insider can be used as a heat protection glove. Also works great as cut and puncture resistant liner.

Insider TS 300


Heat Protection Glove with Cut and Puncture


The Insider TS 300 gloves are a soft and comfortable solution for your cut/puncture needs. The gloves are made from a soft cotton shell that wears nicely as is or works great as liner under your preferred work glove shell. They feature our patented TS aramid blend that not only provides great protection against sharp threats, but also provides resistance against hot surfaces. The Insider TS 300 gloves will protect against discarded needles, glass, metal edges, and many other sharp dangerous  threats. Since the gloves have such a thin and comfortable cotton shell they are great for jobs requiring lots of dexterity and fine motor skills. Great for jobs with dual threats involving heat and sharps. Also they are great for applications like housekeeping, janitorial work, and other jobs where workers are at risk coming across discarded sharps.

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