Cotton Insider PM 300 Heat Protection Gloves

Our Cotton Insider 330 features an aramid liner on the palms of the hands that makes them great heat protection gloves.

Cotton Insider PM 300


Heat Protection Gloves with Cut & Puncture


The Cotton Insider PM 300 gloves are a super comfortable cut and puncture resistant glove option. The gloves are constructed out of a string knit cotton shell that is easy to wear and fits easily under the shell of other work gloves. The cotton shell and our patented PM material on the palms offer protection against hot surfaces making them a viable option for heat protection gloves. The PM material on the palm side of the hands and fingers provides good protection against sharp threats that can cause injury. The gloves are a great solution for applications such as glass handling, fabric cutting, and handling sheet metal. The great comfort and dexterity make the Cotton Insider PM 300 one of our most easy glove solutions to wear. Its low cost makes it an easy to choice to go with.

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PLATINUM WRAP CP 330 is a palm coated glove with a set of high performance features. Full coverage cut level 3 from the HPPE shell. The CP 330 layer provides cut level 5+ and ANSI 4 large nail puncture. The nitrile coating provides liquid protection and great grip and wear.