SevereGear Protective Glove

Light weight and comfortable are just some of the great features that make the SevereGear a great PPE option. For those looking for a reliable cut and puncture protective glove you should consider our SevereGear gloves. Made out of an aramid knit shell the gloves offer cut resistance to the entire hand and wrist area. The gloves also have a bonded ceramic palm that protects against sharps such as hypodermic needles. The gloves have a nice fit and great dexterity.
SKU: TSP-300



Cut and Puncture Protective Glove


The SevereGear gloves are a PPE option you should consider if you find yourself needing a light weight glove with cut resistance all over. The gloves feature an aramid knit shell that provides cut resistance to the entire hand and then its ceramic coated TurtleSkin material on the palms will protect against any puncture threats. These gloves have really good dexterity and the light aramid shell allows for tactile sensitivity. The gloves are a great solution for jobs involving hypodermic needles, broken glass, metal edges and other sharp threats that cause hand injuries. Some applications to consider SevereGear for are jobs with lots of exposure to handling medical waste, industrial waste, and sheet metal. They are machine washable and are available in sizes XS through XXL.




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