SafeHandler TS 310 Protective Gloves for Cutting

These have a cut resistant aramid shell making them great protective gloves for cutting. Palm insert provides puncture protection.

SafeHandler TS 310


Superior Protective Gloves for Cutting


SafeHandler TS 310 gloves are maximum comfort and dexterity products with great protection. They are durable and provide moderate abrasion. They are great protective gloves for cutting applications where workers are using sharp tools. The gloves are 100% aramid offering full coverage cut resistance to the entire hand. The palms have our Patented TS aramid woven cut and puncture protection. These are a great fit whether you are dealing with sheet metal, broken light bulbs, and other sharps. The SafeHandler has traction dots on the palms and fingers that provide great grip performance. Because they are dotted and not palm coated the aramid shell has really high stretch. Machine wash and dry. 

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