FullCoverage TS 360 Liner Gauntlet Gloves

These are a great option for liner gauntlet gloves. They offer cut and puncture protection, fit nicely under another work glove shell.

FullCoverage TS 360


Liner Gauntlet Gloves with Cut & Puncture


TurtleSkin's FullCoverage TS 360 gloves are a PPE solution to consider for those looking for an extended protection option. The gloves feature our patented TS material that provides cut and puncture protection for the entire hands. Since they are also gauntlet gloves they offer cut and puncture resistance to the wrist area. Made out of some of our thinnest protective material makes the FullCoverage TS 360 gloves a great option for jobs requiring lots of dexterity. The gloves will protect against hypodermic needles, sharp pieces of glass, wood splinters, and other sharp threats. These gloves are an option to consider for jobs with high injury rates on the back of the hands and sides of the fingers. The FullCoverage TS gloves are great because they can be used for so many different jobs and industries. They will easily slide under your favorite work glove shell making them a great full coverage liner option.

Products specifications
Modified ASTM F 1342 Scalpel Cut Levels WMI 3
ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic Needle Puncture 28 Gauge WMI 2
NIJ 99-144 "Small Nail" ASTM F 1342 Puncture Resistance Levels 1
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