Cotton Insider TS 300 Heat Protective Gloves

These heat protective gloves offer cut and puncture protection. They work great as a liner glove under another glove shell.

Cotton Insider TS 300


Cotton String Knit Heat Protective Gloves


The Cotton Insider TS 300 gloves are a versatile glove option that can be worn as a liner glove or can be worn on their own. They are constructed out of a string knit cotton shell that is very comfortable to wear and it also provides some heat resistance. The gloves feature our patented TS material on the palm side of the hands and fingers that provides cut and puncture protection. The gloves provide excellent protection against sharp threats such as broken glass, metal edges, sharp cutting tools, and many other workplace sharps. The Cotton Insider TS 300 gloves are perfect for applications like fabric cutting, sheet metal handling, glass handling, and work good as thorn gloves for gardening work. The gloves also have really good dexterity for fine motor skills and the soft cotton shell is a pleasure to wear.

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