Industrial Safety

Needle Resistant Gloves, Aprons, and Sleeves

TurtleSkin's patented technology offers lightweight and comfortable protection. Our line of safety gloves provide resistance against needle sticks, glass shards, box cutters, and other sharps that can cause serious injuries. The Aprons and Sleeves provide advanced cut/puncture protection as they feature multiple plies of TurtleSkin materials. You have plenty of options to choose from when selecting from TurtleSkin's industrial safety PPE.

  • Cut and Puncture Protection - TurtleSkin offers cut and puncture resistant PPE options that are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. The CP 300 Series offers a thin single ply solution for needle resistant gloves. TurtleSkin also offers safety gloves that feature multiple plies of protective materials. These more advanced options are great for high risk jobs that only require simple motor skills.


  • Thin and Very Protective - Less than the thickness of three sheets of paper, the materials in TurtleSkin Gloves give you the protection you need without sacrificing your flexibility, sensitivity, or comfort. The lightweight textile design of the protective sleeves and aprons offers a comfortable PPE solution and does not cause fatigue.


  • Keeps You Safe - TurtleSkin Products protect you against threats from nails, wire, glass fragments, metal shards, wood splinters & all types of needles.



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  • CP Grip 300

    When selecting a cut and puncture resistant gloves, protection is important but so is dexterity. The CP Grip excels in both of those categories. These cut and puncture resistant gloves are great to manage small parts and demanding jobs requiring fine motor skills plus protection. CP Grip 300 provides excellent cut protection against cutting blades and box cutters while also standing up to puncture threats from hypodermic needles and other sharps. The gloves also feature a PU coating on the palms that helps boost the grip and abrasion levels. Learn More
  • CP Wrap 300

    The CP Wrap 300 cut and puncture resistant gloves have a nitrile dipped palm making it a reliable option for gloves needing grip in wet and oily environments. Learn More
  • CP Wrap 330

    CP Wrap 330 gloves stand up to all sorts of dangerous threats whether its a hypodermic needle, broken glass, sharp metal edges, or other sharps. Learn More
  • CP Grip 330

    Needle puncture resistant gloves with grip and dexterity are no longer hard to find. Try these top-of-the-line CP Grip 330 with tough TurtleSkin needle protection in palm, fingertips and sides, plus rugged PU coating on palm and fingers for excellent grip in wet or oily environments. These best in class needle puncture resistant gloves also are cut resistant against blades, sharp glass, metal shards and many dangerous threats. The dexterity is great, allowing you to handle small items and complete task requiring fine motor skills. Learn More
  • Aramid Insider TS 300 Heat Glove

    Need protection from hot welding rod punctures and hot parts? Well the Aramid Insider TS 300 has you covered. This heat glove provides great cut and puncture protection as well. This string knit aramid glove is great as its fibers are flame resistant and high temp stable. The Aramid Insider is so thin is can be worn under your favorite low cost leather shell glove. The cut resistant para-aramid shell gives you 360 degree cut resistance. Our patented TS insert gives you puncture and high cut on the palm and finger tips. Learn More
  • CP Inoculation Gloves

    This liner glove fits excellent under a leather work shell or disposable nitrile. Has good dexterity and is an option to consider for farm animal inoculations. Learn More
  • Cotton Insider PM 300 Heat Protection Gloves

    Our Cotton Insider 330 features an aramid liner on the palms of the hands that makes them great heat protection gloves. Learn More
  • SafeHandler TS 310

    These have a cut resistant aramid shell making them great protective gloves for cutting. Palm insert provides puncture protection. Learn More

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