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  • CP Grip 500

    Protect your hands with no cut gloves. The CP Grip 500 gloves offer very high cut and puncture protection making them a great option to reduce injuries caused by cuts and needlesticks. The gloves are coated with PU on the palms and fingers making them a great solution in wet and slippery environments. The CP Grip 500 gloves are one of our highest rated gloves for cut and punctures. They are a great solution for high risk applications with frequent exposure to needles, sharp tools, and other threats. Learn More
  • CP Grip 550

    Are you at high risk of a needlestick? The CP Grip 550 is one of our strongest and highly rated gloves for protection against hypodermic needles and other sharps. The Grip 550 also offers a tremendous amount of protection as it covers the palms and back of the hand. The glove is also very adaptable and can be used in wet or dry environments. The PU coating on the palm offers excellent grip performance when handling slippery or oily surfaces. Learn More
  • CP Grip 400

    Take it up a notch and increase your protection with the CP Grip 400. The CP Grip 400 is one of our excellent puncture and cut resistant gloves. The glove features advanced protection for higher risk activities where workers may handle or are exposed to discarded needles and other dangerous sharp threats. The PU coated palms provide great grip performance when handling wet and oily surfaces. Learn More
  • CP Grip 450

    In need of anti syringe gloves with advanced protection? The CP Grip 450 will provide you excellent cut and puncture resistance on both sides of the hand. The gloves also feature a PU coating on the palms and fingers that provides good grip performance in wet and oily environments. The gloves will stand up to all sorts of sharp dangerous threats. Whether its a discarded needle, broken glass, or any other sharp threat these gloves are a great solution to consider. Learn More
  • CP GRIP 530


    The TurtleSkin CP Grip Glove combines excellent cut and puncture protection with a specially designed gripping PU coating on the palm. It has a lightweight nylon shell with a textured grip coating to get rid of grip problems associated with combining work gloves and fine motor skills. The texture extends to the palm and around the fingertips only so the back is breathable, providing excellent hand comfort. CP Grip is a multi purpose glove with water resistant palm and fingertip area so that oily or wet work settings don?t present a problem. Over 700 grams resistance from a 28 gauge needle Learn More
  • CP Grip 330

    Needle puncture resistant gloves with grip and dexterity are no longer hard to find. Try these top-of-the-line CP Grip 330 with tough TurtleSkin needle protection in palm, fingertips and sides, plus rugged PU coating on palm and fingers for excellent grip in wet or oily environments. These best in class needle puncture resistant gloves also are cut resistant against blades, sharp glass, metal shards and many dangerous threats. The dexterity is great, allowing you to handle small items and complete task requiring fine motor skills. Learn More
  • CP Grip 300

    When selecting a cut and puncture resistant gloves, protection is important but so is dexterity. The CP Grip excels in both of those categories. These cut and puncture resistant gloves are great to manage small parts and demanding jobs requiring fine motor skills plus protection. CP Grip 300 provides excellent cut protection against cutting blades and box cutters while also standing up to puncture threats from hypodermic needles and other sharps. The gloves also feature a PU coating on the palms that helps boost the grip and abrasion levels. Learn More
  • CP Grip 350

    The CP Grip 350 is a great solution for cut proof work gloves. The gloves feature cut 5 protection and protects both sides of the hand. Learn More
  • TurtleSkin Arm Sleeve Plus

    This sleeve features double layer cut and puncture protection that covers from the back of the hand to just below the elbow.
    Suggested Uses: Waste handling, glass handling, metalworking, plywood/veneer handling, paper processing, animal handling. Learn More
  • TurtleSkin PalmMaster Cut Resistant Sleeve, 9 inch

    TurtleSkin cut resistant sleeve provides advanced cut and needle protection. Woven construction with puncture protection knit sleeves can't match. Learn More

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