TurtleSkin® WaterArmor Waterjet Replacement Parts

Modular Design Allows for Easy Replacement of Damaged Parts

Waterjet Replacement Parts

Easy to Repair, Helps Keep Costs Down

  • TurtleSkin WaterArmor parts are conveniently sold separately.
  • This unique, modular design provides great flexibility and comfort.
  • It's also a cost effective solution to your waterjetting PPE needs.

To order replacement parts, please call (603) 291-1000

Part NamePart #
1. Vest PanelVEST-TWA
2. Right Waist PanelWAIST-R-TWA
4. Right Hip PanelHIP-R-TWA
5. Right Thigh PanelTHIGH-TWA
6. Right KneeKNEE-TWA
7. Right ShinSHIN-TWA
8. Left Waist PanelWAIST-L-TWA
9. Groin GuardGROIN-TWA
10. Left Hip PanelHIP-L-TWA
11. Left Thigh PanelTHIGH-TWA
12. Left KneeKNEE-TWA
13. Left ShinSHIN-TWA
14. Right Gaiter ShinSHIN-RTGT
15. Right MetatarsalRM-TGT
16. ToeTOE-TGT
17. Left Gaiter ShinSHIN-LTGT
18. AnkleANKLE-TGT
19. Left MetatarsalLM-TG