TurtleSkin� Special Ops Gloves

High Performance Tactical Gloves

TurtleSkin Special Ops high-performance tactical gloves offer needlestick, puncture, cut and flash protection.

Our Special Ops gloves have more than eleven times more puncture protection against 28-gauge hypodermic needles compared to ordinary tactical gloves.

Designed to give tactical assault agents protection where high levels of puncture, cut, abrasion, and flash resistance are critical.

This SWAT tactical glove features puncture protection over the palm as well as a stretchy, cut-resistant aramid knit back and cuff for added cut and flash protection.

TurtleSkin Special Ops Tactical Gloves
TurtleSkin Special Ops Tactical Gloves

MSRP: $69.00 pair

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Care Instructions:
Hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Shape and lay flat to dry.

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