MFA Stab Armor

Flexible Spike & Edged Weapon Protection

Knife Spike Stab Armor
Spike, Knife, Edged Blade, Ice Pick Protection
Flexible Up-Armor Stab Protection

Used in all TurtleSkin Corrections Body Armor, TurtleSkin MFA (Metal Flex Armor) stab-resistant panels provide thin (less than 3.5 mm), lightweight stab protection.

The unique flexible characteristic of the patented TurtleSkin MFA panel wraps and conforms securely to your body.

When customized, areas of threat protection may be limited to vital areas or expanded for greater overall coverage.

Patented TurtleSkin Puncture, Cut, and Stab Technology

TurtleSkin MFA stab panels combine a patented TurtleSkin fabric with a thin metal element for multi-threat protection.

The lightweight TurtleSkin MFA stab panel is engineered with both hard and soft elements to create a stab armor solution that combines the flexible properties of a textile with the toughness of hard plate armor.

The textile component makes it comfortable for daily use. The hard armor component provides the required puncture protection.

TurtleSkin MFA stab panels do not provide ballistic or bulletproof protection.

TurtleSkin Body Armor is designed and manufactured 100% in the United States of America by Warwick Mills.


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