Industrial Level Protection Made From TurtleSkin Fabrics

CP Neon achieved outstanding test results CP Neon resists Hypodermic Needles TurtleSkin's SafeHandler Gloves are Cut and Puncture Resistant TurtleSkin Safety Gloves Don't Compromise on Dexterity

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There's a TurtleSkin Glove for Every Job

From needle sticks to nails—TurtleSkin Industrial Safety Gloves provide outstanding cut and puncture protection. Patented TurtleSkin PPE safety gloves and sleeves are available in several styles and are designed to provide protection even on the toughest jobs. Choose a protection level to suit the job and work with confidence that your hands and arms will be safe from sharp threats like glass, wire, metal, and needles.

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28 Gauge Hypodermic Needle Protection!

Patented TurtleSkin Safety Gloves offer real protection and advanced design. Need hypodermic needle protection? Choose the style to meet your needs and work with confidence that your hands will be safe from sharps threats.