BIOTECT™ Self Decontaminating Glove System for Highly Infectious Environments

BIOTECT Self Decontaminating Glove System for Highly Infectious Environments
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BIOTECT Self Decontaminating Glove System for Highly Infectious Environments

BIOTECT Gloves Neutralizes Pathogens in 90 Seconds

Gloves That Decontaminant Like Hand Sanitizer

Due to the global crisis of Ebola, there is an immediate focus on viral transmission, self contamination and cross contamination. Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and procedures are under scrutiny for Ebola as a result of infection of healthcare providers. Additional technology which improves the robustness of the infection control system for Ebola is a significant advantage.

BioTecT™ gloves are chemically charged with a broad spectrum chloramine to kill pathogens on contact. They are tailored for highly contagious environments. When a pathogen contacts the surface of the BioTecT glove, it will be killed in 60-90 seconds, preventing cross contamination. This ensures medical personnel, support teams, custodial and many others can limit pathogen transmission from glove contact between surfaces, other people and themselves. In highly contagious areas, BioTecT should be worn in a three glove system using Nitrile-BioTecT-Nitrile glove layering. The three glove system avoids contamination when putting on and taking off the outer glove. BioTecT Gloves self decontaminate when there is a rip or tear in the outer barrier glove. Outer nitrile gloves can be easily removed, making pulling on and off the nitriles easy as they slide over the BioTecT glove more smoothly than on skin. BioTecT gloves do not hinder dexterity as they are extremely thin and flexible.

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