TurtleSkin� NYDoCS Gloves

All Over Cut Resistance for Hands

TurtleSkin NYDoCS (New York State Department of Correctional Services) cut-resistant corrections officer gloves were specifically designed to prevent cuts from sharp threats such as knives, blades, and broken glass.

This cut resistant glove can be used for corrections or police work and features a soft, all-leather exterior with a patented, cut-resistant lining made from a Spectra®-blend fabric.

TurtleSkin Cut Resistant Police Gloves
TurtleSkin Cut Resistant Police Gloves

Did you know? 70,000 pairs of these cut-resistant gloves have been sold to the New York Department of Corrections.

MSRP: $59.00 pair

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Care Instructions:
Hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Shape and lay flat to dry.

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