TurtleSkin� ChemBio Gloves

Chemical Biological, Puncture, and Cut Protection

TurtleSkin ChemBio Gloves combine a butyl barrier membrane with a rugged aramid outer shell.

The interior liner protects you from dangerous liquids and nerve and blister agents like VX, GA (Tabun), HD, and HN.

The rugged outer shell protects your hand (as well as the liner) from cuts, punctures, abrasions, and needlesticks.

This advanced chemical biological resistant glove is an excellent addition to any police or corrections officer's personal protective equipment.

TurtleSkin ChemBio Chemical Resistant Gloves
TurtleSkin ChemBio Chemical Resistant Gloves

MSRP: $97.00 pair

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Care Instructions:
Machine wash with cold water and mild soap. Shape and lay flat to dry.

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